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  • Step 1

    Review hosted hosted and consider supporting. The first project will be launching a retooled, so we can host more multiple projects.
  • Step 2

    Donate to a project or provide for its specific needs, and rally others to do the same. Once the specific needs for a project are met, we'll launch the project.
  • Step 3

    Don't just donate, be a part of the change by receiving emails, videos, pictures, and other updates on the projects’ hardships, needs, and victories. At, you are a part of the story.

Project #1: Internal Funding Creation of I am, Incorporated


“ employs the collective power of social networks to give individuals a simple, interactive, and viral way to support non-profits providing food, water and protection for children here and around the world. Hosted non-profits can tell their stories and connect with supporters, while individuals can make a difference and multiply their impact. At, the power of one becomes the power of many.”

- Dan Bowling, Founder

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501c3 Recognition

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Non-Profit Partnerships

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Launch Team Army

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Entity Creation

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Matching Grants

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Non-Profit Partners

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Launch Team Army

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Launch Video

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Project #2: Bright Future Bright Futures Children's Home


We’re thrilled to launch our first external project — Bright Future Children’s Home – along with our excellent partner, BrightPoint for Children (a child sponsorship organization operating from Marietta, Georgia) that supports an orphanage and school for impoverished children in Migori, Kenya.

Migori is the capital of its district and has a population of 35,000. Bright Future Children’s Home presently cares for 37 children ranging in age from 6-16 and houses both boys and girls. Most are orphans or children who were on the streets.

They are in a rented facility and are at risk of losing their facility because the landlord is threatening them with a rent increase. A local church helps with very limited support for the children’s home, but the church is very poor.

You can click HERE to donate to this very important and vital project!  Thanks!

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Identify the Project

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Establish a Budget

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Promotion + Funding

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Stabilize Bright Future

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Launch Sponsorship Awareness

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Preserve Facility

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Project Completion

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Project #3: Rwanda Water Well For Rwanda Pediatric Hospital


Our third project – with and – is to put in a purified water system for the only pediatric hospital in Rwanda. It’s a country of 8 million people but only 400 doctors.  The hospital is being built in the Kigali area and cannot be fully opened until this water system is in place.  We hope you’ll read more…and help bring quality health care to the children in Rwanda!  You can click HERE to donate to this great project!

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Create Initial Blog/Newsletter Releases

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Project Selection

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Raise Funds

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Buy Equipment

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Ship Equipment

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Install Equipment

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Hospital Opens

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Shop through this link and you help raise money for relief projects for I Am 2 and our partners!

3 Things We'd Like You To Know Before You Give

  • Projects Completed!

    We've successfully completed both of the projects we launched!
  • Waiting...

    We are awaiting the hire of a new director of operations before we launch any new projects
    Apply to
  • 501(c)(3) Exempt!

    We are a fully compliant and Federally recognized tax exempt organization                                                                                                                                                                  Therefore,  100% of your donations are tax deductible.


Would You Consider a Year-end Gift to I Am 2?
December 28, 2012 | 2:00 am UTC
by Galen Dalrymple

It’s almost the end of the calendar year.  Many philanthropists and generous hearted people give a special gift at the end of each calendar year to a worthy cause.  We’d like to think that you see I Am 2 Partners, Inc., and our efforts to alleviate hunger and suffering for children, as a very worthy cause that you are happy to support.

Will you consider a gift to I Am 2 Partners, Inc. at this time? All donations are FULLY tax-deductible as we are an approved 501.c.3 non-profit organization.

We have two projects that we need to wrap up:

1. Bright Future Children’s Home in Migori, Kenya.  To give specifically to this cause, follow this link:

2. Good Shepherd Pediatric Hospital in Kigali, Rwanda.  To give specifically to this cause, follow this link:

Or, you may wish to give  general gift to I Am 2 in order to help our vision for the future web site (one that will allow us to host dozens of projects simultaneously!) take wings!  You can do so with this link:

Regardless of whether you give, or how much you give, we hope and pray that God will bless you with all good things in 2013!  Thank  you for following our journey this past year and for your incredible support, prayers and encouragement!!!

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